An top down view of eight to ten lit Mr. Candle Tea Light handmade soy candles sitting on a marble counter.
A White Mr. Candle Handmade Soy candle unlit in a jar with light in the background.
A lit tan and brown soy candle sitting on a wood table. The candle jar has a Mr. Candle logo and says, "handmade all natural soy" and is name "Country Living".

Country Living, our most popular scent.

Who are we?

We are two guys that love scented candles. However finding candles we actually wanted to burn in our house was a tough task. We wanted a candle that was woodsy and earthy and there was nothing we could find on the market that was also well priced and long lasting. So we set out to make our own candles. When friends and family smelled them, they asked us to make stronger versions of some of popular scented candles already on the market.

What makes Mr. Candle different?

Mr. Candle is owned and operated by two average guys. We are not a corporation pushing sales over quality and we genuinely care for our customers, their experience, and health. We use 100% natural soy wax and the highest quality fragrances and essential oils in each and every one of our products. Cotton core wicks are used in every candle ensuring longer lasting candles. We also use the maximum fragrance and essential oil to was ratio ensuring the strongest scent for the life of your candle.

Which scent should we try first?

Chip off the Ole Candle was our first custom candle. This chocolate chip scented candle will make you hungry and think someone is actually baking a fresh batch of cookies!

What is your most popular scent?

Country Living is by far our most popular candle. The fragrances of the sweetest fruits combined with the soothing scent of old leather will be a great addition to the ambiance of your home or office.

Are your candles only for men?

Although we are Mr. Candle, the majority of our customers are women. In fact everyone loves our candles. In order, women buying for men, women buying for themselves, and men buying for themselves define our customer patterns. We have scents for everyone despite thinking of our own needs first!