Three Mr. Candle handmade soy candles sitting on a table with a model laying on a couch in the background. The candles are in black, pink, and a brown jar.
All-Natural Soy Candles

At Mr. Candle, we are passionate about concocting unique scents and using our special soy based formula to bring you the longest lasting candles on the market. We offer 8oz jars and wax melts.

A lit handmade soy candle in a brown jar sitting on top of a brown counter with a fire in the background. The word recommended is on the graphic.

Brave Scented Candles

Did you know that our All-Natural Brave scented candle has a combination of fifteen ingredients including Brazilian Rosewood? Oh and did you know that this scent is a limited edition so order now before they are gone!

Hands holding a black Mr. Candle package forming the shape of a heart across the front..

We deliver for every occasion!

Friends and family will love, love, love a hand poured soy candle delivery for birthday, holiday, or just because.

A cucumber and melon scented candle in a green jar on a cutting board next to cucumbers and a knife.

Cucumber and Melon

A cool Cucumbers and Melon candle is the best way to bring back the summer and you always get 40-50 hours of burn time so summer will be here before you know it.


"These candles are great even when they aren't lit."

Misha Woods

"They are very soft and subtle yet they are bold leaving whatever space it's lit in smelling so delightful. That's what makes these candles stand out."

Erica Moses